Bonker Books was established as a collection of resources to support educators in the classroom. Today's classroom no longer follows a pen and paper approach to learning. As such the inception of Bonker Books came about to support new and experienced teachers around the globe. Bonker Books helps educators support a student centered approach to learning that allows students a voice in their education. Bonker Books' resources focus on technology and learning in the classroom, whereby technology goes beyond the use of a computer.

Bonker Books philosophy is to engage students and at the same time prepare them for the working world of the 21st Century. As technology is quickly becoming the next major revolution, society has no option but to keep up with these changes. Our students need to be prepared for these changes if they want to be successful citizens in the future. Bonker Books is the catalyst in achieving this milestone in learning in the classroom.

Bonker Books is committed to improving education for all learners by publishing books and other professional development resources for those working in the field of PreK–12 education. By providing practical, hands-on materials, Bonker Books continues to achieve its goal; "Make Education Better".

Tessa Windsor

Tessa has been an educator with many years of experience. She has taught both elementary and secondary level. Tessa has provided resource support on classroom engagement in both English and French programs.

Qualifications: Primary, Junior, French Special Education and Reading Specialist.

Ben Krupp

Ben is an educational consultant who is passionate about supporting educators in making curriculum decisions that enhance and enrich learning experiences. He has taught both at the elementary and secondary level. Ben is a Computer Science graduate.

Qualifications: Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Computer Science Technology, and Special Education.